MSM Studio is the creator and publisher of Balloon — a series of SCORM-compliant language courses covering English, German, Mandarin Chinese, and more.

Balloon English is a set of interactive lessons enriched with attractive digital assets and exercises: animations, games and personalised feedback. These digital supplementary ELT materials are for grades 1-6 mainstream education and are in line with the Communicative Approach to Language Teaching. There are 288 lessons in total with seven screens each. There are over 150 animations and 100 slideshows with hundreds of carefully selected photos and illustrations.

Balloon English is supplied with AI-aided lessons and games that follow the students' progress and provide language content on the basis of their results. Our AI technology supports teachers and students giving essential feedback concerning the areas which need revision or focus.

Balloon English is filled with a wide range of fiction and non-fiction graded texts that cover a range of interesting but familiar topics. This approach allows students to gradually develop their reading and listening skills and not be overwhelmed by the text. Following the presentation, practice, production approach, comprehension of the texts is developed through a range of simple and clear exercises supported by a feedback and reward system that motivates and attracts students to language learning.

Balloon English provides a truly interactive and digital experience that engages students.